BCM is soaring to NEW HEIGHTS!

If we were told that 2020 would be taken hostage by a global pandemic via COVID-19 prior to the year starting, is it fair to say most of us would have hardly believed this? And, yet this is our present reality.

What if you were told a Black-owned and operated digital marketing agency started by three Black men from the South Bronx would go on to gross over $10K in three months and become one of three companies gifted with a Global Patron Membership from Concordia during that same pandemic? Besides realizing how repetitive the number three is in that narrative, is it fair to say you’d at least be impressed? Well, seeing that the Black-owned and operated agency we’re referring to is our very own Black Crown Media, we’d confidently bet the house on those odds.

Equally as important is the value we’ve been able to add to our clients and community simultaneously. In that same time span, we’ve helped generate over 6 figures in revenue for our clients, conducted 61 in-kind consultations for potential clients (click here to book a consultation), and sponsored fellow entrepreneurs, business-owners, and leaders with access to Concordia’s 2020 Annual Summit (valued at over $75,000 in total). We had the honor and privilege of hosting our “Business Day” session as part of the Summit to assist Black, Indigenous, and People of Color entrepreneurs with jumpstarting and propelling their business endeavors to the next level, too. And, we are only getting started!

While we’re on the subject of Concordia, we have more complimentary livestream passes to their 2020 Africa Initiative Meeting taking place November 16-17. The Concordia Africa Initiative aims to foster, elevate, and sustain cross-sector partnerships for social impact on the African continent. Shaped and driven by local stakeholders, the program strives to build sustainable, scalable, and inclusive partnerships towards positive economic and social impact among governments, the private sector, and civil society. The following instructions will permit you access to the event:

1.Go to this webpage.

2.Scroll down to the section where you see “Enter Promo Code” in small blue print.

3.Input LAM@BlackCrownMedia.

4.When you click “Apply”, you will see a complimentary option appear at the beginning of the list.

5.Please select “1” on the menu to the right of this option, and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to proceed with your checkout.

Even though we just blessed you with an unexpected gift, you know we couldn’t send you a newsletter without lacing you up with some a new #dontforgetyourblackcrown playlist! You can access all previous playlists here (hyperlink YouTube playlist link).  Make sure you share all of this information with your networks/communities so they can benefit from what we have to offer as well. It takes a village!

P.S. - Yes, that is an actual photo of Co-Founder Flow sitting on the steps of a private jet. Book us for all your luxury lifestyle related needs.



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