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Black Crown Media is a black-owned and black-operated video production and digital marketing company helping BIPOC businesses be the difference. We create a space for BIPOC businesses to tell evocative, people-centered stories that remain true to their mission.

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Based in New York City, Black Crown Media works with world-changers and trailblazers desiring authentic storytelling and dynamic cinematography to increase impact and connection in the corporate, non-profit, and DEI spaces.  

Black Crown Media went through a few stages of metamorphosis spanning almost a decade. In 2014, Dre Manning created "Visuals Vae Dre", which later became “ASOLMANN Productions” in 2016.

Finally, in 2019...

Our founders joined forces to create Black Crown Media, which is a culmination of everything before and more. We want to be the blackest video production company and strive to uplift those in our community through the stories we tell and the people we hire. In 2021, we found a new direction, a new calling, and a new purpose: to support corporations and non-profits in developing diverse, equitable, and inclusive films that break the norms.

Connection is created by being different. You need training videos, documentary-style videos, and social media videos that reflect who you are and the world you live in. Like us, your messaging and content needs to change to create a greater impact on your audience.

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