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 Black Crown Media’s Public Statement on anti-Blackness and State Violence

Digesting the flurry of news headlines since the start of 2020 has been particularly sobering for us as a Black-owned and operated media company. We witnessed the premature passing of Kobe Bryant, Gigi Bryant, and seven other people due to a helicopter crash; Pop Smoke had his superstardom snuffed away from him just as he was beginning to ascend beyond what any of us could imagine; and then, we were hit with a global pandemic followed by a slew of hashtags in memory of so many Black people being unjustly murdered at the hands of law enforcement and/or white supremacy. Racist and anti-Black transgressions are being recorded at seemingly record numbers, and yet we still have to deal with mainstream media circuits religiously using neutral and/or passive language to describe these horrendous acts of terror on the very communities to which we claim allegiance as if our lives are merely casualties of the “American Dream.”


With resilience in their hearts, leaders, advocates, and activists have taken revolutionary steps to challenge the status quo by denouncing the injustices of our day and demanding a new way of life that affirms that ALL Black Lives Matter. Monumental initiatives, such as #MyBlackReceipt, have been jump-started to fortify and elevate Black power – for us, by us – to showcase our ability to be self-sufficient contrary to widely held beliefs that say otherwise. And, as much as we are supporters of the “do it yourself” mindset, it is not lost on us that Black people cannot uproot the longstanding legacy of white supremacy single-handedly.

As a result, Black Crown Media is doubling down on its commitment to hold creative entrepreneurs and our peers in the media, marketing, and video production industries accountable to Black people and Black businesses. We know that access to capital and equity across the board is very much out of step with the overall population of Black people in the United States. Check the stats:


  • “19% of the Black families having zero or negative net worth, while only 9% of white households have no wealth.” (Ross, 2019)

  • “47% of [Black] small business owners run their business by [ourselves],” yet the average for all small businesses stands at 33%. (Lesonsky, 2020)

  • 44% of the funding for Black small business owners comes from hard cash compared to 37% of all small business owners; and a mere 15% of this population receives help from family – the second largest source of funding for Black business owners. (Lesonsky, 2020)


Black Crown Media is a partnership between Bronx natives Dre Manning, Jamie Beckford, and Steven “Flow” Pacheco who are equally passionate about sharing stories that accurately reflect the Black experience in all of its complexities and helping businesses scale. Our goal as a video marketing agency is to provide video production and digital marketing solutions to businesses/brands while also empowering them with data and metrics to help future-proof their operations. We are devoted to carrying out this task without sacrificing the integrity, morals, and faith of our brand and our communities.

Therefore, we will be even more intentional about our business endeavors, holding ourselves accountable, and holding creative entrepreneurs and our peers in the media, marketing, and video production industries accountable for our collective responsibility in contributing to and creating a world free of anti-Black discrimination and state violence on Black people. The Black community has been fighting against injustices in the United States since its inception, and we know that this struggle is felt across the globe. In conclusion, we will explicitly call in (and call out) members outside of Black communities to utilize their platforms and resources to the benefit of Black communities in an anti-racist fashion. We welcome your insights, suggestions, and support as we take this step towards a future where all of us can wear our respective Black Crowns.

With Love and Sincerity,

Black Crown Media

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